Zwift crash to desktop


Setup: Wahoo Kickr and Saris H3 (crashes on both), ANT with 4ft cable, fiber internet, 2019 Macbook Air w/ Big Sur, bluetooth off.

Over the past two months, Zwift has crashed to my desktop at least once per week on group rides only.

I have been trying to identify potential causes; first switched to ANT, continued to have problems.
Then tried to type slower and not have long messages as I thought I had seen a bug where long messages caused crashes, continued to have crashes when chatting, and also a couple when not.

After 60km into the kiss at base ride this morning, it crashed again, ironically when i was typing a message about not having a crash recently in response to someone else who was having problems.

I have emailed zwift support a few times and followed their directions to reinstall zwift, make sure everything is updated, etc…

Ran today’s log file through zwift analyzer and was hoping someone could help me analyze potential issues? I can post screen shots of any of the data that might be helpful, I just don’t know where to start.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


In moving this to chat glitches, do you suspect that this is the cause of my problem? I ask, because I have had instances where it crashed when I wasn’t typing/sending a message.

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Hi @JD_Reich_KRT

I suspect that the issue has something to do with the message type error.

You can put your log file into and look at things like framerate.

I moved it back to a separate topic.

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Thanks so much Gerrie, I appreciate it.

Here is an overview of my FPS from today…I believe I have my graphics setting to medium (don’t have laptop in front of me) Perhaps it would help for me to go to the lowest graphics setting in game?

It is odd that I haven’t had the crash problem in ZRL or other rides where I don’t chat as much as Kiss at Base, so perhaps you are right that there is a connection to my messaging. Guess I need to talk less :wink:

Are you using Streamdeck by any chance? There was an issue about a month ago with that and it was fixed in version 1.11.1.

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Intel integrated GPU?

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Thanks for brainstorming this Shuji. Nope, I don’t stream or having anything else running in the background while zwift is running.

Yep! Intel uhd graphics 617, open gl 2.1 intel 16.1.12 is what it says in zwiftalyzer.


Bad news for you, sorry…

I would contact support and send the log files. And try to search the forum, I believe someone had luck with downgrading the driver.