Program crash--Macbook Air Big Sur


Setup: Wahoo Kickr and Saris H3 (crashes on both), ANT with 4ft cable, fiber internet, 2019 Macbook Air w/ Big Sur, bluetooth off.

Over the past two months, Zwift has crashed to my desktop at least once per week on group rides only.

I have been trying to identify potential causes; first switched to ANT, continued to have problems.
Then tried to type slower and not have long messages as I thought I had seen a bug where long messages caused crashes, continued to have crashes when chatting, and also a couple when not.

After 60km into the kiss at base ride this morning, it crashed again, ironically when i was typing a message about not having a crash recently in response to someone else who was having problems.

I have emailed zwift support a few times and followed their directions to reinstall zwift, make sure everything is updated, etc…

Ran today’s log file through zwift analyzer and was hoping someone could help me analyze potential issues? I can post screen shots of any of the data that might be helpful, I just don’t know where to start.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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