Big Sur Beta Beta 10 Crashes with ANT+ Dongle


I am getting pretty consistent crashes in Zwift when using an ANT+ dongle. If I remove the dongle, it’s quite stable. I have the core dump if anyone is interested.



Hi @Justin_Knoetzke

Try another usb port. That ant+ dongle might be on the Fritz

Turns out it’s not the USB Stick… I tried it on a Windows laptop using the ANT+ Simulator and it worked great… But, just to be sure, I bought another one… Still crashes. So I removed it. Still crashes. I completely wiped all traces of Zwift on Big Sur and I was able to ride for about 40 minutes and it crashed again (without the ANT+ stick)… Looking at the stack trace and I see the drivers for my RX 580 fairly high up on the stack. I am running a Hackintosh. Now, this worked great for years on previous versions of OSX with the same card.

There aren’t many real Macs running the RX580… And the amount of those people who also run Zwift are pretty low… So, my hopes that this get fixed isn’t very high.

Thanks for the reply BTW.

Here is the crash report if anyone is interested:

Process:               ZwiftApp [41465]
Path:                  /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Zwift/ZwiftApp
Identifier:            ZwiftApp
Version:               0
Code Type:             X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process:        ??? [1]
User ID:               501

Date/Time:             2020-10-21 08:12:14.658 -0400
OS Version:            macOS 11.0 (20A5395g)
Report Version:        12
Anonymous UUID:        81E6A0DA-96CD-6EF2-158F-ABDFE0FC3887

Sleep/Wake UUID:       D1BC8651-D982-4958-AE71-B7EFA158F9D1

Time Awake Since Boot: 210000 seconds
Time Since Wake:       110000 seconds

System Integrity Protection: enabled

Crashed Thread:        0  Dispatch queue:

Exception Type:        EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
Exception Codes:       0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000
Exception Note:        EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

Application Specific Information:
abort() called

Application Specific Signatures:
Graphics kernel error: 0xfffffff9

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0   libsystem_kernel.dylib        	0x00007fff203d64f2 __pthread_kill + 10
1   libsystem_pthread.dylib       	0x00007fff20404610 pthread_kill + 263
2   libsystem_c.dylib             	0x00007fff20357720 abort + 120
3   libGPUSupportMercury.dylib    	0x00007fff467240a8 gpusGenerateCrashLog.cold.1 + 95
4   libGPUSupportMercury.dylib    	0x00007fff4671b20d gpusGenerateCrashLog + 89
5	0x000000010cfd54f2 gpusKillClientExt + 9
6   libGPUSupportMercury.dylib    	0x00007fff4671c5cf gpusSubmitDataBuffers + 164
7	0x000000010cfafd57 glrATI_Hwl_SubmitPacketsWithToken + 91
8	0x000000010cffcb8b glrdAMD_RenderVertexArray + 1965
9   GLEngine                      	0x00007fff6bc9c5a3 glDrawElements_ACC_Exec + 473
10  ZwiftApp                      	0x0000000102e7574b GDE_RenderMeshInstances(GDE_Header_360 const*, unsigned char, unsigned long long, bool, unsigned int, MATRIX44*, VEC4*, VEC2*) + 731
11  ZwiftApp                      	0x00000001027b4e52 drawPropArrayInstancedPreProcessed(unsigned int, WorldProp*, int, unsigned long long) + 770
12  ZwiftApp                      	0x00000001027b3f0a INSTANCING_RenderAll(InstancedObjects*, GFX_RenderPass, int) + 1994
13  ZwiftApp                      	0x0000000102b100f3 drawNewWorld(float, float, float, float, float) + 13731
14  ZwiftApp                      	0x0000000102b1692d Render(float) + 1133
15  ZwiftApp                      	0x0000000102b192f9 doFrame() + 1289
16  ZwiftApp                      	0x0000000102b35725 CODEmain(int, char const**) + 69
17  ZwiftApp                      	0x0000000102ad8c13 main + 595
18  libdyld.dylib                 	0x00007fff20420591 start + 1