Zwift crash to desktop in between events when on non-selectable world (Windows 10) [SOLVED]

Finished the first Giant crit race tonight, hit Esc at the end to stay on NYC.

After a couple of minutes I clicked join event to transport to Innsbruck, and was dumped to desktop. Finished the second race and pressed Esc to stay on Innsbruck and less than a minute later was again dumped to desktop. No errors or warnings, game just died.

I know @Steve_Clogg_PACK_LEA has observed and repeated this on several systems and @Tim_Searle has seen it too. Mine is:

Windows 10 Home 10.0.19042
GTX 1660
Ryzen 3 2300X

I have a pair of DMP and META files in Documents\Zwift\Dumps\completed if of any use. They are from 18:17 BST.

Also a pair in \pending from 18:42 BST.

CrashHandler references from the log files are 8704 (18:17:50) and 6016 (18:42:18). Both say ‘Dump Request Failed’ but also say ‘Dump Meta complete’ further down after ‘crash detected’.

Oh and my 10th place finish in the second race hasn’t saved. Mint.

Sounds like user error @Dave_ZPCMR, haven’t we been told to exit the game and restart it if you want to do more than one event? (read sarcasm)

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@shooj Any feedback on this? Pretty major bug to kill the game, first I’ve had in years.

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I have also encountered this so it is still a problem as 14/5/2021
I was in Innsbruck (Running)in an event and after returning to Menu I was then dumped to desktop.

Sorry - didn’t see this new thread. I guess you were able to repro this crash.

Would you email the crash logs to
@Steve_Clogg_PACK_LEA @Tim_Searle @Philip_Trigg_GoodGym if you had this crash recently, would you mind sending your crash logs too?

Here’s where to find the crash logs. Please ping me in this thread after you’ve sent them in and I’ll forward to the right team.

One other question @Dave_ZPCMR
Please clarify what you mean by “non-selectable world” in the subject line?

  1. Innsbruck was not on that day’s menu of guest worlds but that’s where the races were scheduled?
  2. Is your prefs file hacked to select Innsbruck?
  3. Something else, please clarify?

Yeah the events were on New York and Innsbruck, neither of which were on the calendar yesterday (it was Richmond/London) so both required world swapping. It may not be relevant that they weren’t on the calendar, but it’s the ‘Stay here’ dialogue pop up which seems to cause the problem. From the testing Steve has done, if you let it time out there’s no crash. Interact with the pop up in any way and you get the crash.

I have sent the log file, I hope this is what you mean by ping you in this thread.

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Sent. I’ve included the four dump files and the Event Viewer file which shows zwiftapp.exe crashing the Nvidia driver at the times mentioned.

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Hi @shooj, support already have all the details from me with a 100% documented process for them to reproduce the crash.

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@Dave_ZPCMR @Philip_Trigg_GoodGym and @Steve_Clogg_PACK_LEA

Thanks all for sending in your logs. I found all of them and have added them to the ticket. We’ve already got some good leads on where things need to be fixed. Appreciate all your help.


Following up on this ticket - we were able to reproduce and debug. Reviewing the fixes and hope to release as soon as verification is completed.


Excellent, thanks. :+1:

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@shooj Is the below an intended fix for the issue in this thread?


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Looks like its fixed, I could not get it to fail after the patch.

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Yes, this bug was fixed in version 1.13.1. It is available for all OS platforms now.


Nice one, thanks.

Launcher [files] next. :wink: