Zwift crash!

So it’s the 4th time I had Zwift crash without a warning exiting a ride. The riding kit of the event I took part in today/yesterday (TOUR OF INNSBRUCK) in is nowhere to be found (I did get a confirmation mail yesterday)

No, I don’t have any connectivity issues (AFAIK). Yes, my PC’s drivers are fully updated. Yes, my activity feed on Zwift’s server is corrupt (how is this even possible???)

I fail to see the point in participating in an event for which I will be rewarded nothing.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Crashed sessions or corrupt activity feed?


Not in years. (Touch wood.)


In early November Zwift chrashed a few times on my PC too.
The cause was bad RAM.

Test your PC with Passmarks Burn in Test.

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Thanks for the suggestions… however, this will not explain how my activity feed on Zwift gets corrupted, or why would it occur in association with a specific activity in the game (saving.)

As suspected… my PC passed the stress test with 100% success.

You can put you log file in and look at network drops and average frame rate.

What type of crash did zwift just close or did the pc shutdown?

Thanks… I am familiar with zwiftalizer.

Here is what happen: Upon hitting “esc” to exit the game, the game exits directly to Windows desktop, no questions asked (the previous time it was “Menu” -> “End Ride”, the ride report pops up, press "OK, it then exited to the desktop.)

Frame rate and network drop values seem overall OK. Note, however, that unless there is a catastrophic network issue, the game should not exit, certainly not without leaving a trace in the log (checked for that…)

I would estimate frame rate is mostly irrelevant to this question (but is decent, nonetheless…)

And still: how would you end up with a corrupt record on Zwift’s servers? Surly, the info sent from my side goes through some sanity checks. Is Zwift instructing the game on my side to abort?

I don’t know. And I am lost.

I would say never use the esc method to exit the game, always do menu - end ride. Zwift save your fit file on your pc and during the end rid process loads it to the zwift server.

As I said, I did exactly that the other day. Makes no difference. And there is no help to be found.

… And, BTW, as those rides do sometime appear in my activity feed, Zwift has some knowledge about that ride (and if one examines the log, it would appear as if the update process is continuous…)

Thanks, mate!