Zwift crash in the event corral

What’s up with the app closing while people are in the corral pre-event?

I’ve had a crash for 3 London events and last night it crashed and after reloading took me over Box Hill for an event that was supposed to be on the Classique.  About half the event partcipants had the same app crash.

This morning for the AHDR event it did not crash but “stuttered” in the corral with riders popping in and out in the corral.



Thanks for your patience while we looked into this! We have a potential fix for this in our next update.

Out soon?



Team ZF event this morning had triple crashes for everyone…


Please fix soon.

AHDR group ride last night had some Windows users including myself crashing while in the corral waiting for the event to start. Also happened last Sunday in the Pretzhell ride.

Was with you there at AHDR, 3 crashes before success…


Please soon guys on this.



The update seems to have fixed the problem.  200+ for the men’s academy social ride today and no crashes.


Thanks guys and gals.