Zwift Crash "Apple" After screenshot [SOLVED]


For information on how the ATV works you should look at this guy he knows what he talks about. Zwift on New Apple TV 4K (2021 Edition): What’s different? | DC Rainmaker


Actually, @dcrainmaker i am able to exactly replicate the bug on a Mac running Ventura. Photo number 20 (automatic plus manual) on Companion crashes the program.

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Interesting. I haven’t taken 20 screenshots, mostly cause it crashes at screenshot #1. :rofl:

But yeah, get your point on Mac being #20.

Oh well, I’ve been using my phone for now - in case anyone is wondering why my recent review posts haven’t had pretty Zwift screenshots, this be why. :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: we have a fix for this issue in the next major game release.

WORKAROUND: for now - take your screenshots in the game app, not the Companion app.


So in about three weeks?

Burn…. :rofl:

I think it’s worthy of note, that’s a fairly long time covering a lot more complaints.

It’s a VERY long time. There is no larger bug they could have than the game crashing for thousands of users.

People who are still unaware of this screenshot bug(s) are “crashing out” of races and other important events because of it.

I’ve tried to help get the word out in my league.

Really frustrating, to say the least!

This is too late… on every long ride if the tour of Makuri Islands Zwift crashes because of the Autoscreenshot function.

Before this bug Zwift does not crash on any ride in the last 24 Months…

With this bug the tour and every other group ride/workout is useless because only riding alone does not crash Zwift….

I‘m using an iPad Pro M1 with 16.1.1…

By the way… When can we expect better M1/M2 support? The M1 or M2 can deliver better graphics…

For some reason I thought this bug was limited to Makuri Islands, or maybe I just forgot about the issue. While doing the TTT tonight in Watopia Tick Tock, I automatically took a few screenshots (often doing that for the team) and sadly the 20th screenshot was about 29.8 km into the TTT when I got kicked out :frowning:

The team got DQ-ed since we only had three riders originally, and then only two were left… Bummer!

Hoping this bug fix will be posted very soon!

Waiting for the next major update is probably not a good idea, given that the crash apparently happens when using the CA to take any screenshot, not just the 20th.

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So in about three weeks?" where they will break something else instead. Despite paying £12.99PCM, we are still getting shareware level support/output

unfortunately, if they ‘hot fixed’ everything as it occurred we be back to nightly updates …

One Bugfix Release per Week would make a huge difference.

One Feature Release per Month or Quarter would be ok too.

Better than waiting for another month and hoping the fixed every aspect of the crash…

Latest Zwift on MacOS 12.6 / M2 MacBook Air, stumbled upon reproducible crash.

My repro steps:

  • Start a ride on Makuri Islands Tour → Stage 3 → Wandering Flats (but it may be irrelevant)
  • Open Zwift Companion app on my Samsung phone
  • Hide HUD using Companion app
  • Tap on “make screenshot” in the Companion app

Expected result: Zwift keeps running, screenshot is made

Observed result: both Zwift and Companion app crash at the same time, ride is not saved.

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So does this crash happen with the auto screenshots that Zwift do? I have been using Zwift for a year and a half and it has never crashed. Since the latest update it crashes every time I use it after about 40-50 mins but I not using the companion app or manually requesting screenshots.
I have contacted Zwift support and sent the log files but they are yet to respond

Yes. Autoscreenshots trigger the same crash.

Auto for some people, manual for others. I don’t use auto screenshots (to my knowledge), or at least I have my settings to not upload Zwift’s auto screenshots. I can ride for an hour+ normally if I don’t take any screenshots; however, the first manual screenshot I take with Companion App causes an immediate crash. Doesn’t matter it’s 1 minute into the ride or 1 hour.

Any world, any route. Solo ride or group ride.

I can take a manual screenshot with the keyboard & mouse or touch screen controls just fine.

MacOS Monterrey (latest update of that version),
iPad & Apple TV 4K all 3 affected for me.

All latest versions of Zwift on each device.

iPhone 14 Pro / iOS 16.1.1 running latest version of Companion App.

How do you turn off auto screenshots?