Zwift Crash after uploading work out



I am using Zwift on Mac software. I am very happy about it, but i would like to report an issue.

Just after selecting upload activity on strava, the application crash. The work out is upload correctly, but for example, today i’ve done the FTP test, and i have not the time to select the option update ftp, as after uploading the activity the program just crash.

And additional feature, I would recommend to make available to create or check work outs without the need to be paired with your trainer. If you do not have it paired, the only option is watch out.


Thanks for your help



Hey Pau -

If your activities are uploading correctly at the end of your session, you are not seeing a crash when you exit. Exiting Zwift is very abrupt, and we are aware that many users think they are crashing because of it. We have plans to improve the exit experience down the road. As far as the Update FTP box, when it was introduced it was required to make a selection in that box before you could access the exit options - after much feedback from the community, it was changed to allow users to exit without making an FTP selection, as it interfered with users trying to save and exit from the Zwift Mobile Link app. If you want to update your FTP after a workout or ride, you simply have to do it before you click Save.

As far as the workouts, if you would like to create or check them without pairing to your trainer, select to watch from the pairing screen, then use the E key to access the workouts menu once you have loaded into the game.

Hope this helped! Ride on!

Hi I am not sure if this is the same issue.  Zwift crashes after every workout during asking the question do you want to update your FTP.   I cant find a way to alter it manually afterwards so it is stuck on a very low value.