Zwift Controllers and Discord


Loving the zwift controllers , however I find that when using them with a bluetooth headset all kids of weirdness happens. Equipment being used

M1 16inc Macbook
Zwift Controller
Wahoo Kickr (On Ethernet)
HR Monitor (On Ant+)
shocks headset or Galaxy buds (Bluetooth)

I find that when using all these devices everything works fine. I can listen to music and ride as normal. The moment I try and join a discord voice chat the Zwift controller keeps disconnecting and connecting, I have to turn off the discord voice chat.

If i try and use bluetooth on my phone with discord it will keep disconnecting. However if I turn off the zwift controllers everything works fine.

Would be good to get to the bottom of this.


Just bumping this asthe issue happened today and pretty much caused me to drop out the draft and go all the way to right,i could not reconnect,while on discord