Play controllers dropping Bluetooth and reconnecting

Zwift hub and Play controllers are connected to MacBook (pre M1 chip) directly on the start screen (not via companion). Hub is also transmitting HRM.

On log in Hub and Play both pair up fine. Works well for a while. Then I’ll get a message that Zwift has discovered steering. One of the controllers will buzz w haptic feedback as when first pairing. This will happen multiple times in an hour long ride. Last night in a 45 min race I think it happened 7 or 8 times. And there were moments when I wanted to shift electronic gears via the controllers that the game would not respond. I would press shift and steer buttons and a few seconds later get the message that Steering was Discovered and the controller would buzz. It would work for several minutes and repeat.

I checked firmware for Play and Hub and both are up to date.

I have the same issues with my Macbook air M1 and zwift play controllers.
It temporarily disables steering for one controller.
Also happens several times during a ride. I thought its an interference with something but seems I m not alone…

P.S. using the kickr v5 so no shifting for me

I habe the same issue with my Win Notebook :frowning:

I also have this issue. Windows 11.