Zwift connection

(Alecu Bogdan) #1

I have some connection with my smart trainer ! In first instance it is very hard connection , and after this the trainer is conected for 3-5 seconds and then it is show trianer is connected but NO SIGNEL .

Do you now what it is about ?


(Paul Allen) #2

What is the trainer?
What device are you running Zwift on?
What troubleshooting steps have you taken?
More info could be helpful in getting you up and running.

(Alecu Bogdan) #3

Kinetic Rock and Roll smart trainer …i have 2 smart trainers,…and bought have identical problem!!! My trainer And my kids Rareș the same problem!

Best regards


mar., 16 oct. 2018, 15:31 Paul Allen a scris:

(Graham Perkins) #4

I am having the same problem on my kickr Gen 1 too. Works perfect on my Iphone with screen mirroring on but the graphics are rubbish. It keeps dropping the signal on apple TV. Any solutions?

(Gerrie Delport) #5

why do you use blue tooth? try an ant+ dongle.