Zwift companion priorities?

The Companion app for iOS needs some love. Some misfeatures I have noted and sent to Zwift tech support and they suggest I post them here:

  • I’d like to be able to start and stop rides from it, but mostly stop a ride without having to go to the laptop and do it.

  • I’d like the watts or w/kg to be the same on both screens, the full Zwift screen and the companion. Right now only the Companion switches. The Zwift app is just watts. For w/kg is more useful, and fluctuates less.

  • The Ride On counter doesn’t seem to work…I think I gave out 30 just today but I have yet to get the Award for giving them out. If that isn’t counted, what else is being missed? I finally saw it work a week or so ago but c’mon.

  • I would like to see distance to the summit on rides so I can decide it I want to push on or call it a day. On Ventour summit there are plenty of places to put signs with this into (some fan viewing areas, a couple of chateaux). So why not add them?

  • The U-turn feature doesn’t work. About which…

  • I would still like to see more random drop-ins in the Surprise me mode…or be able to choose a KOM or the desert flats environment (I am partial to it) rather than being spawned into the same spot. If I drop into Watopia I end up downtown, with no options other than to follow the options from there. If I drop into France in “surprise me” mode I am approaching the Ventour summit climb with no turn off other than a U-turn (which worked once because I was in the full Zwift app). None of these are surprising at all after the first time.

I have managed to workaround the connectivity/pairing issues with the watchOS app but it took a few weeks, almost 3 months to sort out reliably. But these other issues aren’t addressed by a precise schedule of when devices are active and apps opened.

I’ve never had any problems with u-turn on the iOS ZCA. Are you holding the button down long enough? Are you going at least 6 km/h?

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If you are using the thumb button, this doesn’t actually give out a ride on, it does an audio one. You need to click the circle around you on the map to give them out to those around you. Yes it’s dumb.


I’m also using a Windows system that’s actually on another floor (Chrome casting to tv). Would be great if the companion app allowed to start activities.

Doesn’t the stop button end a ride? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Same as with the u-turn: you need to hold the button

Vote this thread up, if you would: Companion App UI cleanup: DELETE BUTTONS

Looks like it is closed.