Zwift companion: old dashboard during workout

Hi everyone,

Firstly, good work on the new companion, I only zwift for workouts so I am very pleased to see this attention and changes to that side of the game.

On the troubleshooting side of things: as I was riding today the new workout mode exited back to the old dashboard in several instances. The only way to restore this mode was by restarting the app (the only way I found at least). I know from past experience and tickets that my connection is not stable which can cause a disconnect with my BLT pairing among other issues. Could this be the cause?
This is a bit annoying for as a re-start of the app (in addition to stopping my workout for a bit) can also lead to more issues on my side for the same reason (HRM disappears, watts become constant, …) which force me to re-start the app again or to turn on/off the airplane mode to relaunch the connection at one end or the other.

Is there a way for me to select workout mode from the old dashboard? if not then maybe this should be implemented?

Thanks !!!



HI Adrien,

It definitely sounds like it may be an internet stability issue. I would suggest checking through the troubleshooting on our KB article here and here. If you’re still having issues, open up a ticket and we can help!

Hi Josie,

Thanks for following up!

Yup, I know these articles! I’ve already had long exchanges with Matthew from ZHQ who was real helpful. At the end of the day, the only thing that works is for me to go to airplane mode and/or shut the app.

As I indicated, this is not ideal as it can come with other problems (most of the time my HRM has gone, or my wattage becomes constant) which force me to do it at least 3 or 4 times in a row before I can get back to the workout. But I’ve learned to live with that… and there is nothing you guys can do.

What I tried to indicate in my message, is that now in addition to the above this means I may also lose the new Workout board even though I have managed to get everything else back on track. Sometimes it even happens during the ride when everything else works / just drops a few seconds but comes back around so I don’t need to do the whole turn on/off BLT and/or APP process.
Hence my question: right now the Workout new board turns on automatically, what if I were provided with a button to click on to go there ? that would remove an extra layer of potential “crashery”, well at least for me but maybe I’m not the only one (hence posting here rather than creating a ticket in the first place :slight_smile: ).

Again, let me be clear: I love the new workout board, anything you can do to make the workout experience more enjoyable/better is a definite +++ for me !

Thanks & Ride on !

Companion works … then does not work … .then works … wtf!