Bad Day on Zwift

I have been using Zwift for about 1 1/2 months now and generaly it works pretty well. Today however nothing worked right. When I start a workout or a ride I log-in and wait for everything to pair. Then I select the ride or workout and start. This morning everything paired correctly but after I started the ride I noticed the heart rate monitor was no longer working. Since I was only a couple of minutes into the ride I stopped the ride, repaired and started again. This time the monitor was working but the erg wasn’t. I turned the erg off and then back on but no change. Finally, I stopped everything again, rebooted the app and tried again. This time the monitor was not connected again. Frustrated I bagged the ride for the day. Anyone having similar issues? Solutions? My wifi connection is strong.

I had a problem once where my HRM battery died during my ERG workout and resistances stopped changing. Zwift said it was signal interference. Not satisfying but there it is. I have since kept my batteries charged as best as I can and haven’t had an opportunity to see if it happens again under the same circumstances.

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Sometimes I see sensor paired but not sensin correctly (ready 0 or nothing). Not sure why. So I usually fiddle with them (turn on and off) until I see numbers on power/cadence/heartrate before staring a workout.


Those symptoms could indicate a weak battery. As the radio signals go in and out, or off and on, Zwift tries to re-pair all sensors.

New year, new battery?

Steve, I will try a new battery but the HRM is only two months old. Possibly it sat on the shelf for awhile though. Worth a try. Thanks