HRM dropping out

I’m relatively new here been on the platform a month. Today after the upgrade my HRM was dropping out the whole ride. I usually wet it a little before I start and will have a little dropping before I really get sweaty but this was the Whole Ride. I though I was dying and them coming back to life. The HRM is as old as the trainer (April or so) so I don’t think it’s a bad battery.

I use Zwift on a pc, is there a way to see battery life?

What HRM are you referring to?

Either way I would just try a new battery.

Some kind of Garman. I’ll try a new battery.

Hi @Steve_Venkman! Hopefully it won’t happen again, but you might want to check out this link:
I started having the problem after the previous update and haven’t been able to solve it yet (Garmin Dual, which I pair via bluetooth and the companion app to AppleTV). My first ride after the update, the HRM showed 75 bpm the whole ride, but with all subsequent rides it has appeared to be connected, but I get the “no signal” message and 0 bpm. I hope the new battery does it for you!