zwift companion in ride controls not working

Recently my zwift companion in ride controls stopped working. Usualy I have Zwift open on my macbook and control powerups, views etc on my zwift companion on my iphone which automatically goes to inride controls when I’m logged on on my mac but now that function doesn’t happen. It just stays on the initial screen, Events, Activities etc. 

Hi Andrew,

Sounds like the Zwift Companion is not able to connect to the game app on your Mac over your WiFi network. Is your mobile device on the same (WiFi) network as your device that’s running Zwift?

Both of them have to be on the same network and logged into the game with the same Zwift account for the Mobile Link app to show the additional in-game controls.

If you are on the same WiFi but still having problems, try turning off mobile data on your mobile device to ensure that it’s connecting over WiFi. 

Note: you can put your mobile device in Airplane mode, and then enable WiFi. That should ensure that your device is not trying to use mobile data, and should force it onto your WiFi network. 

And if that still doesn’t help, please submit a support ticket and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further troubleshoot this issue.

When you open your ticket, reply with the following info:

  • Let us know what anti-virus software you’re using. 

  • Send us all your log files.

  • Send us a screenshot of your phone’s network connections showing that mobile data is off and WiFi is on.