Zwift Companion App

Workout mode in Companion App is very nice but I miss a few things.


  1. Incline adjustment for smart trainers that does not have ERG mode.

  2. The blue Icon bar that is at the bottom of the Map page it will be helpful on the workout page as well.

  3. Multi ride-on from the workout screen. I like giving ride-on’s while riding and the button on the map make it so easy, having that on the workout screen will be helpful. 


Thanks I am having a lot of fun on ZWIFT.

Hi Gerrie,

The incline buttons should be there if you have paired a controllable trainer. May I ask what trainer you are using?



Hi Laszlo,


It is paired as a controllable trainer it is a Elite Realaxiom Wired USB trainer. 


Could you fix the recent crashing effect that the mobile app seems to have on win 10 computers?


I run the ZCA paired to a Windows 10 computer and I have had zero dropouts.

BTW, this thread has nothing to do with ZCA dropouts so I do not know why you hijacked it.