Workout mode

(Jan Mala) #1


when I start workout mode in Zwift it appears a new screen on zwift companion where you can set erg mode and incline.

My first question is, where can I adjust incline in the app when doing a free ride without a workout. It confuses me that you can adjust incline during workout mode although you don’t need it there. Incline is interesting when cycling in free mode where hills affect your wattage am I right ?

My second question is how can I get back the default settings for erg mode and Incline.

(David K) #2

ERG mode sets resistance to a specific wattage target based on your cadence, where as in freeride mode, resistance is based on course terrain. In freeride mode, incline is also based on course terrain.

In the game, riders doing workouts are usually marked with a visor indicating the challenge of the workout segment they’re currently in. Allowing ERG and Incline as options in freeride mode would likely cause a lot of confusion during ride-alongs and competitive rides. Riders outside of workouts wouldn’t behave as if they were riding the route properly any longer.

I’m not certain what you mean by ‘default settings’ in relation to ERG and Incline. The default is that they are selectable for workouts but aren’t for free-rides. You can enable or modify each from either Companion or from the bottom Action Bar in Zwift. If I’m not quite understanding your question, please let me know.

(Jan Mala) #3

Hello David,


thanks for your response.

I mixed up the Options “trainer difficulty” and “incline”.

What exactly can you do with the “incline” setting ? Is it either “ERG” or “Incline” ? 


(Jan Mala) #4

Now I have the problem that my workout says I should Put out 250 watts, but erg mode is not working properly I just get 220 and it’s not adapting. How can I get back to default for incline ?

(David K) #5

Your best bet would be checking your Zwift Settings menu. In there, you should see a Trainer Difficulty setting. If it’s set higher or lower than 50%, please set it back to 50%.

I’d also recommend taking a new short or long FTP test or modifying your FTP directly through your User Profile.

Generally, those are the only two settings in Zwift that can make your ride feel inaccurate.

(Jan Mala) #6

Hello David K,

no my trainer difficulty is 50% and why should I change my FTP that’s not the problem.

Workout mode tells me to put out 250 w but it is not possible to hold 250w because resistance is not going down if I am improving cadence. My wattage is going way higher than 250 w.

When you go on the workout page on zwift companion there is the incline/erg mode option. I had incline activated. I think that was the problem.

I still don’t get what incline mode is for ? If I want more resistance during workout I just would paddle slower. If I would paddle the same cadence with higher incline I could not hold the wattage workout mode is telling me to hold.

(Gerrie Delport) #7


The Incline is like a manual resistance setting during a workout. Let say you need to do 250W you can shift up in your gears to produce the 250W or you can change the incline and stay in the same gear. Now you would ask what is the piont if you can just change gears… Lets say you are doing strength training 500W @ 50rpm, now you shift to your hardest gear but can only get to 300W @ 50 rpm now you also need to increase the incline to get to 500W @ 50rpm.

This is all done if you turn ERG off or if you don’t have ERG option.




(David K) #8

Thanks, Gerrie. I hadn’t gotten to gear shifting and incline yet as it’s a bit complicated to explain, but you’ve done an amazing job!