Some explanation about 'incline' setting in Zwift Companion

Hi Everybody,

there is something i can’t understand well in the zwift workout mode, in particular when using zwift companion app.

I see in a screenshot that when i turned off the ERG mode the app shows the ‘incline’ settings. i usually train with erg mode off in workouts but i only use my PC and not the app.

Does this setting simulate real incline changes such as a 5% grade climb?
If the answer is yes is there a way to set this incline on the main screen of zwift without using the app?

it refers to the ‘trainer difficulty’ setting ?

Thank you for the answer


The incline just change the resistance of the trainer. You can use + and - on the keyboard.

The + and - on the keyboard are not for the BIAS value?

look at the pic on the right.

No + and - is not bias. It does the same as incline or the on screen arrows (those you get when you press the up button). Try it you should see a orange bar in the top of the screen moving.

This is something i’d like someone of the staff could explain better:


In this pic i see 4 arrows and i suppose 2 arrows are for the bias and the other 2 are for the incline.

It could be nice if the incline could be in some way ‘quantified’ … something like 1% - 3%.

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Sorry if i put this thread UP another time bit, even if i understand that what is called ‘incline’ in the zwift app, or the orange bar is a resistance value, i’d like to know if this can be somehow quantified or if it is documented in some post.

And, just a suggestion, it should be nice if the arrows of the bias and the arrows of the ‘incline’ could be a little bit different when used from zwift and not from the app.