Freerides within Workouts

I started doing this on my Kinetic R&R control, On the companion I noticed It was still in ERG mode ( with no power showing on the screen) when I came to an incline I felt the resistance increase as it would in a normal non-workout mode.

I wanted to ride at a fixed power/resistance, so I switcher ERG off and went into slope mode, where I adjusted the level to that required.

At the next incline the resistance increased on top of the level I had set.

Surely this should not happen?

if i’m understanding you correctly, you wanted a period in your workout at a fixed resistance rather than a fixed wattage?

one way to do this is to put a warm up (or warm down either work) section and when you get to it turn erg mode off - the resistance will not change with the gradient that way (as far as I know anyway)

not a perfect solution but could be a work around

I was following the zwift workout plan, day 5 included a free-ride, which was following the incline setting in ERG mode, i just wanted to change this to a set resistance.

ah - sorry - i thought you were doing a custom workout and wanted to add a section of consistent resistance