Zwift Companion App on iPhone Not Connecting

I’m brand new to Zwift and just trying to get the Companion App working on my iPhone. I have an iPhone 14 with OS 16 and I’m trying to connect to my Zwift app running on my Surface laptop, windows 11.

I downloaded the Zwift Companion App and logged on. I open my Zwift app on my pc and logged on. But, the Zwift Companion app never switches to game more. I checked that the Zwift Companion App is logged on the exact same WIFI network and SSID.

When I download the Zwift Companion app on an android device, it works fine. When I logon to the Zwift Companion app and I start the app on my Surface-Windows device, the Zwift Companion app immediately switches to the Game mode.

I’ve tried turning off cellular data and switching to airplane mode so that it forces everything through the wifi - still did not work.

I was about to start messing with my WIFI router and port forwarding but that can’t be the issue if the Andriod device connects just fine and switches to the game mode as soon as I logon to my desktop app.

It has to be something specific to the iPhone.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Whole thread/topic for you here: Companion App Not Connecting

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I have the same exact scenario. I have yet to figure it out for iPhone 14 (IOS 16.3).

My old Pixel 3 XL works every time.

The link (Companion App Not Connecting) to the other thread was not useful (in my case).