Zwift Companion App and ATV, losing connection to sensors

To start off with, I know this is a known issue, with it being discussed across multiple threads (I listed them at the end of the thread). These current threads however come to no conclusion, and sort of stops at the beginning of 2021, while I’m still having the issue in October 2021. @Lee_H noting your comment in the Odd resistance forum (see below), this seems to relate to issue HDWINT-3770, which clearly hasn’t been fixed yet.

So the be very specific the issue I’m noting relates to:

The issue:
ZC App works fine to consolidate and link 3 sensors to ATV, but then randomly loses connection to all sensors. Your avatar stops, and you need to manually re-connect, not great for doing training. On first picture you can see all sensors stopped, and hence the avatar sits at 0W, doing nothing. On the second picture, l switched off the ZC App device connection, and connected the Kikr and Heart rate directly to the ATV. No cadence, but at least I could complete (not ideal) my workout.

My setup:
ATV linked to ZC App for 3 sensors, because since latest upgrade (1.17.0) it is an either all sensors on ATV, or all on ZC App (3.28.1[1142], on iPhone Xr). I have 3 sensors, namely 1) Kikr Snap 2, with speed and Power, Garmin Heart Rate, and 3) Wahoo Cadence. I can’t have all of them on ATV, because only 3 BLE channels being available on ATV, and hence ZC App’s device connection functionality.

What I have tried to prevent the issue:

  1. Switch off Mobile data and enable Flightmode
  2. Looked at my Wifi, unfortunately I have devices on 2.4GHz, so I must have both frequencies
  3. I can try a fixed channel, haven’t done so yet

My request/suggestion:

  1. The ZC App has an issue with BLE, and needs attention. I don’t think Version 3.28.1 fixed the issue.
  2. Rather use an iPad, Laptop, stay away from using ZC App with ATV.
  3. I see some people speak about the CABLE solution, but I need to find out if that device is available in my country (South Africa)
  4. Zwift support please fix this issue, it seems to have been going on for a very long time.

Other threads: No links sorry, but you can search for them