Zwift on iPad looses occasionally connection to sensors

I have a setup with four Bluetooth devices connected to my iPad

  1. Kickr snap 6310
  2. Garmin HRM
  3. Wahoo BlueSc
  4. Elite sterzo Smart

Up to a few days ago I could ride for up to 100 minutes without issues. Recently Zwift occasionally looses all Bluetooth connections after different timespans (10 mins to 40 mins). Going back to the connection screen and returning to the ride helps for maybe 10 seconds. Only restarting the app brings the sensors reliably back but again only for 10 to 30 mins.

I do not think that it is a BLE issue since e.g. ATV tells me when I try to connect too many devices. And as a matter of fact all devices connect to my iPad and it used to work.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I had to dump my older ipad for the same reason. It was older and just not working properly. That is why I decided to dump it run it all on ATV. But I don’t need a ton of bluetooth stuff connected to it.

Is your IOS current? I know Apple if you don’t update creates all sorts of havoc.


I have an iPad Pro from 2019 and I was hoping that I do not need to stuff it.
Working on the latest version of iOS and also having removed all BT devices and paired them again.
Also with one BT device less (Elite Sterzo Smart removed) I ran into the disconnects. The Helpdesk of Zwift is not helpful at all, pointing me to a solution used to connect ATV. Will try that and hopefully I can use the service again…