Zwift Cog

Hi! I have two issues with the new cog that arrived in the post today.

  1. How critical are the little teeth/spring clip inside the cog? When installing it today I may have slightly distorted the ring when rotating it backwards as advised. I’m not sure it was 100% seated correctly. Cog installed OK now but don’t seem to have ‘clicking’ when freewheeling.

  2. I’m a bit stuck now as the wireless shifter isn’t recognised by Zwift and I’m not sure where and how to get to calibration so the cog is recognised and do the set up to determine how many gears my bike has!

I’m running on MacBook.

I’ve managed to update shifter firmware using companion app.

Is there a step by step guide I can follow please?

Thank you!


Hi Malc - I have raised an issue regarding the wireless shifter not being recognised. I think you need version 1.50 of zwift and I only have 1.49. I’ve tried to force and update, even downloaded the version directly from the zwift site but it’s still 1.49

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for your reply. I tried downloading the ‘latest’ software from Zwift too, but couldn’t see where to check version number.

Will see what Zwift say.

I can change back to my 11 speed cassette if needed.

So I’ve just been able to force the update, at least on windows! The icon in the system tray with the zwift logo - if you right click on that it actually shows what version you are on and you can click check for updates…I’ve been trying this but its just downloaded 1.50!

Hope it works for Mac also

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Hi Matt. I’ve managed to download the latest software now and everything has connected as it should! Very happy, but a bit annoyed that I wasted an hour or so!

Do you know if we have to do a calibration ride to detect the number of gears on your bike? I’m sure I saw that in a video I watched. I haven’t been offered that option yet…

Just wondering about the three toggle things and the wire ring inside the unit now…

Took the Zwift Cog off and double checked the wire ring. It’s sitting a little high but I’m sure it’s installed OK. And I think I’ve found out about the calibration. It’s automatic I believe!

That doesn’t force the update if the phased rollout hasn’t reached you yet.

Yes agreed - I phrased it wrong…it just forces it if you haven’t updated automatically

Also I wrote my reply on completely the wrong thread!

I am using the original Zwift Hub along with the Play controllers. Virtual shifting works good.

My question would be if I have any further advantages with repacing my cassette with teh cog?

Hi - same issue for me. Swift cog was pre-installed but had issues with the freehub from the get-go
Looked at the freehub and the metal ring was all out of shape and not sitting in the groove. Pawls are falling out, so unuseable. Is the metal ring supposed to be a full circle - as mine is split - is that right?

My understanding is that the ring (the spring) is split. You can buy replacement springs. Maybe a chat with a Zwift representative could result in a replacement spring or hub? Good luck!