Broken Hub

Hi, I fitted my upgrade cog and click on my Hub. Went for an easy ride and was initially impressed but then the wheel at the back started grinding and upon inspection it had become misaligned and was rubbing on the housing of the Hub.

I reported it on the 28/10 and uploaded a video, got an initial response saying it was being escalated to technical. Heard nothing since despite a few chasers.

York have to go back to support as we have no access to your ticket here.

Unless one of the Zwift team pop by.

Cheers, they’re ghosting me. Thought I’d try here but no worries

Maybe give it a little more time.

I have just had the exact same issue. I have also reported it.

Cheers Matt. I had a closer look and can see a couple of the teeth (little metal claws) within the Zwift Cog had broken off and this seems to have sheered some of the matching ‘teeth’ within the hub. I’m guessing this caused some sort of imbalance when I put some power through it and pulled the wheel out of line.
I’ve taken some pics and sent them to Zwift support as well as the original video I sent.

Standing by for some sort of solution from them. Interested to see how you get on.

Hi - did you hear anything? Had some quality issues with my cog also - it came pre-installed on my hub but didn;t work properly from the get-go. After having a look the metal retainer ring was all out of shape and the pawls just dropped out. Can’t use it at the moment, so really annoying. cheers

Got a new replacement Hub and cog end of last week thanks. All sorted, no cost. Good luck with yours, hopefully same result.

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