2nd Broken Hub

Just got my second Zwift hub in the mail and it is broken also. Neither of the hubs I’ve been sent register any power. Luckily customer service did something about it on the phone tonight. Last time it took four days to get anything to happen. Completely disappointed with my experience and not happy with Zwift, not that they care. Looks like I’ll be returning another hub and probably will just have to buy a Wahoo like I should’ve in the first place. F- Zwift,again, not that you will care!

Disclosure: I don’t work for Zwift.

It’s regrettable you had that experience Mitchel. I suspect there will be some teething pains with the first run of Zwift Hubs and you may have gotten two from the same batch. Based on reviews by the big fitness bloggers like DCR and GPLama, it sounds like the design itself is solid.

It’s tough to stick with a product when you get burned multiple times but I’m hopeful these are blips and will get sorted out. Out of curiosity, how long did it take for a replacement to arrive? Maybe third-time’s the charm?

Mine broke within 5 miles of my first ride. It got completely stuck out of nowhere and won’t budge. I will be going to wahoo as well.

How did you send you hub back? Mine is now broken. Grinding has turned to a completely stuck fly wheel. Zwift doesn’t seem to have human customer support?

They do, you just have to persist with the chat bot for while beyond patience. Carry on more and then more. More.