Hub one delivered with broken freehub

Hi everybody,

I received my Hub One yesterday, assembled it and installed by bike on it. Used a torque wrench as recommended to fix the required adaptor for through axles.

This morning I did my first ride and was a bit surprised that the Hub apparently had no freehub. The pedals kept being driven by the flywheel so that I could not stop spinning without tossing the chain. Very weird I thought, so I took out the COG, only to realise that the freehub teeth were partly missing and the metal ring holding them in the hub was only hanging in said hub loosely.

The COG is obviously not usable in this condition as it could lose internal traction completely and therefore is potentially dangerous to put power on. Given that some parts of the hub have already disappeared, there might already be damage done inside the hub.

Now, the Zwift support has so far not been helpful as it is impossible to talk or chat with a person. Does anybody here have a similar experience and/or an idea what to do or whom to contact?

Thankful for any hints,

You need to persist with the chatbot and keep telling it that its suggestions don’t help. Eventually you’ll get a contact form that you can use to get in touch with support.

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I have received a message from a real person now after escalating the topic with the bot :wink:

A replacement part is on its way to me. I am at peace with the support now and am looking forward to cycling on my new hub.

Thanks for the hints!

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I have to give a shout out to the zwift support people for handling my broken hub one cassette. I was expecting them to send me a new cassette. After giving them some proof (vids and photos) of the broken cassette, they sent me a brand new trainer! A bit of a hassle to package up the old one and send it back, but they even arranged for the pickup at my door. Very happy with the replacement and the zwift support.