Broken pawls hub one


I assembled my zwift hub one today. I immediately heard a rattling sound out of the cog. When I removed the cog 1 of the pawls fell out and already was broken… 1 of the other 2 pawls had the spring bend. Now I reached out to support but don’t have a lot of hope after reading some story’s here. I will await answer but in the meantime does some body have a clue which spring and pawls I can use to replace the broke. Ones?

You definitely need a support interaction and I think they’ll take care of you.

I don’t think the pawls or springs are available. The freehub is the same one used in the Jetblack Volt. If you can’t stand the idea of waiting for support, you could buy a Jetblack freehub, or the Hub One conversion kit from the Zwift shop.

Hi, same here. Cannot use my brand new Hub One. So far no luck contacting support. I’ll keep you updated if Zwift support starts reacting on my enquiry.

Were you able to open a support request? Did you jump the necessary hurdles to defeat the chat bot? If you got that far then you should be taken care of. If not, keep at it and don’t give up before the robot does.

I have received a message from a real person now after escalating the topic with the bot :wink:

A replacement part is on its way to me. I am at peace with the support now and am looking forward to cycling on my new hub! Thanks!