Issue with freewheel zwift cog

Hello everyone

I am wondering if somebody has the issue that i am having setting the zwift cog.

If i set and install the cog as I do with the cassette the freewheel is not working, when i stop pedalling the chain get sucked, only if i loose the thru axle the cog does the freewheel but the bike moves more than usual.

I have a 11 speed cassette(bike), so i put the Green adapter on the other side.

Does anyone has similar issue.

Pd: hope my english is good any enough to get this explained.

Thanks in avance.

Hi - I had exactly the same issue
My zwift cog came pre installed on the zwift hub, so i assembled and mounted the bike following the instructions.
After scratching my head for a while, I removed the zwift cog and saw that the metal retainer ring that holds the pawls in place looked damaged/broken
I’m really disappointed as I was hoping to just mount my bike and get zwifting! I’ve emailed support with some pictures, and hopefully will have a response soon and a replacement zwift hub sent out
Poor quality and notm impressed so far :frowning:
Did you managed to fix your issue?

Hi Simón,

I managed to make It work, i have to play with the thru axle, if i tighten it as normal It doesnt allow me to have freewheel, so…i have loosen It a “bit” and works but IS not a good thing cause the bike moves more than normal.

Nobody answer me, so, I guess nobody has the same issue, i am trying to figure It out which IS the real issue.


I have the same problem with the cog. I emailed support with a picture and still no response. Were you able to resolve your issue?

Hi I managed to get it work after a bit of fiddling.i just needed a new retainer spring which keeps the pawls in place.sorted now but not thanks to zwift support
…they have completely ignored my emails

Hi Kevin,the same as Simon…no help from anyone so…i had to make It work fiddling with the tightness of the silver bolt… I left It a bit loose in that way the bike doesnt press too much the cog…

Anyway , i, ve been searching online and nobody complains about this, so i dont know if there IS something in the width of the bike…


With my new zwift hub one of the pawls came broken out of the box. Support seems to ignore me so do you happen to know which pawls I can use to replace them?

Hi, i have been spoken with support and they will provide me a new one and i have to senda back the old one.


Hi, sorry to highjack this thread!

I have the exact same problem with my COG, can you tell me how you managed to reach somebody to talk to? Thanks a lot!

Keep at it with the chat bot and eventually it will allow you to open a support request. Never give up. Keep telling it that whatever it suggested didn’t work. Eventually you will win the battle.

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I have opened a ticket with support, first they will provide you a nosense troubleshooting guide…about gears, adjustments…once you get annoyed explaining them that you actually play in zwift with virtual shifting, somebody, because they have escalate the ticket several times they will provide you a solution.

It seems that i am complaining but actually after a little bit of struggling with the nosense troubleshooting they reacted quickly and they have provide me a “new one”.

I have opened the thread on Monday or Tuesday and the replacement is on the way to my home.


I have received a message from a real person now after escalating the topic with the bot :wink:

A replacement part is on its way to me. I am at peace with the support now and am looking forward to cycling on my new hub.