Issue with freewheel zwift cog

Hello everyone

I am wondering if somebody has the issue that i am having setting the zwift cog.

If i set and install the cog as I do with the cassette the freewheel is not working, when i stop pedalling the chain get sucked, only if i loose the thru axle the cog does the freewheel but the bike moves more than usual.

I have a 11 speed cassette(bike), so i put the Green adapter on the other side.

Does anyone has similar issue.

Pd: hope my english is good any enough to get this explained.

Thanks in avance.

Hi - I had exactly the same issue
My zwift cog came pre installed on the zwift hub, so i assembled and mounted the bike following the instructions.
After scratching my head for a while, I removed the zwift cog and saw that the metal retainer ring that holds the pawls in place looked damaged/broken
I’m really disappointed as I was hoping to just mount my bike and get zwifting! I’ve emailed support with some pictures, and hopefully will have a response soon and a replacement zwift hub sent out
Poor quality and notm impressed so far :frowning:
Did you managed to fix your issue?

Hi Simón,

I managed to make It work, i have to play with the thru axle, if i tighten it as normal It doesnt allow me to have freewheel, so…i have loosen It a “bit” and works but IS not a good thing cause the bike moves more than normal.

Nobody answer me, so, I guess nobody has the same issue, i am trying to figure It out which IS the real issue.