Zwift closes down without warning

I have a problem on occasion where ZWIFT closes down during an activity without warning. There is no problem with connectivity etc…
I then need to log back into Zwift and create a training program to complete my session.
This has happened to friends on mine too.
Anyone have a solve for this. It would be much appreciated.

Good morning @Stuart_Yates

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Can you give us a rundown of what system you use for Zwift.


Please see below,


Also when trying retrieve my activities MyZwift hangs on this page below.

Regards Stuart

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Thanks for the info on your system, @Stuart_Yates!

On Windows, Zwift can terminate for any number of reasons, and with the info provided, there is no way to know other than just a general overview of possibilities. What I would like to ask is if you can head to our support site and follow these instructions to get what are known as event viewer logs. There are instructions for 24 hour and 7 day versions of the files. These will allow you (and us!) to accurately and quickly determine what is causing the issues for Zwift.

Please send these files into us at You can ask for me specifically if you wish. Otherwise, anyone else on the team is more than able and happy to help you!

If you would like to see what is causing the issues for yourself, you can simply open the file on your Windows machine; it will automatically open in the Event Viewer program. Then, click in the window where the event list populates and, using CTRL + F, type “Zwift” into the find box.

Pressing “find next” should show you the reasons that Zwift is encountering errors. These can range from program hangs - where the game becomes unresponsive - to unique error codes such as 0xc0000005, which point to more specific problems.

We also have a few reports on the forums of Zwift crashing which you may find useful. Here is a link to that search.

As for the issues you’re seeing on, we’ve sent that one over to our web team and they’re taking a look into it for us. Unfortunately you’re not the only one to have encountered that problem. We’re doing our best to get that one resolved ASAP.

Ride On!

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Hi Flint,

Attached is the error at the point of shutdown. It was the only Error in the event log at that time.

Thanks for your help. Keen to solve this problem.

Regards Stuart

(Attachment Zwift Shutdown without warning.evtx is missing)

Stuart - this is perfect, thank you.

What I can see is that you have the 0xc0000409 error in that log, which is indicative of what’s known as a stack overflow. There are a few reasons this can happen, though in the case of Zwift it’s almost always related to something with the graphics card (GPU) in your system. However, since this code only points generally to some level of file corruption/malfunction, we can’t be 100% sure.

There are some articles you can consult to help you solve this problem, which I’ve linked below.


Additionally, it’s a prudent idea to check your GPU drivers, and update if necessary. The old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” applies especially to GPU drivers, though in this case an update is often all that you need. Your drivers in particular are found here on the AMD site.

If after consulting these articles and trying the steps doesn’t remedy your problem, I would ask that you please email us at, as when these initial troubleshooting steps aren’t the antidote to the mysterious crash poison, the issues can become somewhat more complex and may require several exchanges and steps to get it all sorted, and email is a much better channel for that.

Ride On!