Zwift Click is Paired on Windows but Won't Shift on a ride

My Click pairs fine with my Windows PC (a newish Dell), firmware updated (just set everything up today), virtual controls enabled. I go to ride and nothing happens when I press the Click buttons.

So I then load Zwift app on my Android phone and go to ride, Click works fine. What’s going on with my Zwift app on PC?

Note that when I go in-game to ride on my PC with the Click, I don’t see the “Gear” setting below my power numbers on the upper left. If that helps anyone troubleshoot.

Oh also, when I do the tutorial it recognizes that I’m pressing the Click buttons, which gives me confidence that yes it is paired up (like it claims to be). What I am doing wrong here?

Is Virtual Gearing showing as being turned on in the Settings on your PC?

Yep I’ve checked it several times