Can't pair zwift click

I just bought a zwift cog and installed it on my wahoo kickr, but the damn click is not appearing in zwift controls windows, I can pair in zwift companion and it appears there and also I can connect it to my Bluetooth list on my phone,but it doesn’t on zwift it’s not appearing at all on the control list, tried it on my PC and my android phone and none of them seems to see the device.

It won’t pair to Zwift if you’ve already got it paired somewhere else, e.g. directly to your phone. Make sure you “forget” it from your phone and other devices and Zwift should be able to see it over BT.

Hi @Giancarlo_Balbuena.This is Juan from Zwift. I understand how essential it is for you to pair your Zwift Click. I appreciate all the effort you’ve put into it so far.

I’d like to suggest you check this article to rule out the scenarios listed there. If the issue persists, I encourage you to contact us to take a deeper look at this. We will be delighted to help.