Zwift Click will not connect to Zwift

I’ve just unboxed and installed my Zwift Cog and Zwift Click and I can’t get Zwift to recognise the Zwift Click via the Controls Tile.

I’ve successfully connected the Click to the Companion App and have updated the firmware so the Click is, I assume, working fine.

Any ideas?

I’ve running version 1.64.0 of the Zwift app
I’m using a Wahoo Kickr V4
I’m running iOS 17.4.1 on my iPad

I’m confused, why would you use a Click shifter with a Kickr V4? The trainer firmware doesn’t support virtual shifting (yet).

Ah crap, I didn’t realise!

Does anyone know when/if the V4 firmware will ever support virtual shifting?

Wahoo says v4/v5 will be supported in the future but there’s no public release date that I’ve seen yet.

It is possible to enable virtual shifting with the Click using almost any smart trainer, if you bridge the connection with the QZ app. If that’s more bother than you’re interested in then I’d return it and buy later.

Hi @Rich_Smith1 it’s been a while since your last submission, Long time no see! I’m Norman from Zwift.

Yes, in terms of Wahoo KICKR models, Wahoo KICKR V4 hasn’t hopped on the Virtual Shifting train yet, we’re hoping 5 and 4 are compatible sooner than later thought.

If you’re interested, you can check more information about Virtual Shifting in this article, if you have no use for the Zwift Click, no worries! We have a 30-day return window you can start anytime at this link.

If you’re just a tad outside the return window, give us a shout here and expose what happened, can’t promise it but we might be able to lend a hand. See ya later!