Zwift Click - how about unclick

Anyone else think the new Zwift Click needs immediate replacement?
Here are my thoughts:

  1. not rechargeable - c’mon guys we are trying to keep the
    planet going here!
  2. very difficult to get apart and back together - I most likely will
    need to replace those little screws after the next battery change , which
  3. It often skips through 5-8 gears when you only want one and can
    destroy many a nice hill climb.
  4. Attachment could be much more simple for easy on and off.
  5. Why so light? no one is hauling it around, so cheaply made!!

Please add some suport to get this thing fixed ASAP!!

On point 1, if you want to keep the planet going then having a PC using electricity along with TV and bike trainer may not be the best way to achieve it.

Would suggest the above does more “damage” than the battery.

On the other points, sure, makes some sense. But the first product usually has things that are later improved by the newer version.

I’m using it since day one and I am still on the first battery (I ride roughly 30h / month during winter) and I also had it never skip any gears. So maybe yours is just faulty.

Same here. I ride 4-5 days/week and bought my click the day it was released. Battery level still good. And I’ve never had a skipped gear. Sounds like your click is abnormal.