Zwift click won't connect

I bought a zwift hub one last week, I’ve only used it four times. The click quit working and won’t connect to the zwift app. It will connect to the companion app. It will eventually time out and the light will go off and refuse to power up. When the light will come on the companion app shows the battery is 93%. I spent $600 on this and can’t even change gears after four rides. It’s pretty sad. At least the ERG mode works for workouts.

There have been a few comments that sticking some paper under the battery helps it get better contact with the terminals.

You can also contact Zwift support for a replacement.

Thank you, I will try that.

The paper trick didn’t work for me, but thank you for the suggestion. I will let you know how it goes with support.

I received a replacement click today that worked without any further issues. It was a good experience working with Zwift support.