Click not working

I am new to zwift. I am running it on an iPad with the latest firmware. Everything works except the click. I can select it in the app when I connect to the hub but when I start a ride it won’t work. It’s like it turns it’s self off when I press to go up or down a gear. I have also tried it on my phone and the same thing happens.
I don’t know if this is relevant but If I open the BT menu on my phone I can see the hub and the click but if I press a button on the click it disappears for a few seconds before it reappears.
Can anyone help?

I had the same issue , u won’t believe the fix , I thought It was disconnecting but it was actually turning off as battery connection is bad inside , so thought battery died , replaced battery , but same issue , so I put a small piece of thin cardboard behind the + side of battery , and it just gives the battery that bit of extra pressure to connect to the electrical inside the click and now it work all the time !!!

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