zwift century

Anyone interested in joining me for a zwift century ride this Saturday (Jan 10) at 9am est?

How about 8:00 AM EST ? Thinking of doing a 5 minute rest break at mile 35 and 70, does that work for you ?

I could do 8am eastern, 6 is probably too early for me.

I checked out the century segment on strava. I was thinking about 5 hrs to complete it, so it should be fine. I’m using a dumb trainer (Kurt kinetic) with a powermeter. Don’t know what your using or how our paces will match going up down hills?

Yeah, I saw he was well into it. Looks like he did one a couple days ago too! Hopefully we can get a few guys to join, the more the merrier!

A kickr is on my wish list. Same for you, if I can’t keep up to your pace, don’t wait for me.

I may join for most - if not all of this if my home schedule permits. Keep things updated out here and I will confirm on Friday.

Well said dickerson!!! Ride on!!!

I’m planning on starting my Century at 8am eastern. What time are you guys planning on? (I know dickson will be starting around 6am).

If I’m up and ready in time, I may jump in a little earlier than 8. If so, I’ll plan on meeting you by G Master. I’ll try to hold on, but don’t be mad if I can only manage to such your wheel. Will help out if I can.

I’m probably not going to do a century but I’m supposed to do a 2-3 hour endurance ride Saturday and the weather is going to suck. I’m going to try to latch on to the train but I probably won’t be able to maintain the pace you guys will be doing. I’ll give it a go though and help as much as I can!

I’m usually not one for riding in the cold, but I’ve already committed to riding some gravel with some friends on Saturday. But keep posting these, I will be interested in the future.

In order to make it easier to see who is doing the century (or long ride), it might be an idea if everyone selected the same jersey. How about the team ‘z’ jersey - easy to spot and might make it easier to get a pace line going.

It’s vintage 3. Your right, some people may not have that one. We could do basic 1, noticeable and pretty ugly, can’t image too many people wearing it.

I am starting at 8:00 AM EST with a break at mile 35 and mile 70 for 5 minutes. I will be riding with Jeff Knisely, Greg Costigan and Tomacz. We are using an application called groupme to communicate. Group name is Zwift …

Just loaded group me, but can’t find the Zwift group. Any ideas on how I can join?

Hey Greg,

What is your email address? I can send you an invite to join the group.

@Dickson, there is another solution: just do a 5 minute lap (you get the bonus of being the new KOM for the lap). On a serious note, I can take a 9 minute break. This will be interesting … let’s see what the others think about a 9 minute vs. 5 minute break.

After thinking about the break(s) for this ride. Here is my current thinking:

  1. Break at Lap 12 (start/finish line) - mile 36 ( 9 minutes)
  2. Break at Lap 24 (start/finish line) - mile 72 ( 9 minutes)

The reason for the 9 minute breaks is for those who don’t want to stop this might keep them in sync with our group ride ? Thoughts ?

We are going to use groupme to stay in touch during the ride, contact Greg Costigan for an invite - he will need your email address to get you into the group).

My email is Please let me know if you would like an invite to the Groupme Zwift group