On Road Century

Thank you Zwift, i never would have been brave enough to attempt a century out on the road without having the ability to do a couple of practice runs around Zwift island. Right now i feel tired, but pleased with myself.

Well done on your century!

Look for ‘Zwift Riders’ on Facebook, there are events scheduled (including centuries) where groups will ride together at preset times.

Congrats! Zwift gives a surprisingly kick ass workout.
I’m wondering if I have what it takes to complete a century on a trainer. I’ve done plenty of centuries (and doubles) in the real world, but am intrigued by the thought of doing it in Zwift.

Its easier to do a century on Zwift but harder. There is no such thing as a headwind or crosswind on Zwift island and i can tell you now i certainly had a head wind for the bulk of my ride. But i find that i notice my saddle a lot more towards the end of a Zwift century than i did in the real world. There is also the benefit of not having to deal with extreme heat (or cold) and knowing that a bidden refill is just in the kitchen!

I’ve never done more than 2.5 hours indoors, and that was staring at Trainer Road the entire time. No TV, but I did at least have some tunes for a distraction. Mentally, it’s so much more difficult on the trainer. I definitely agree with you about noticing the saddle more (much more). Thankfully, century season is just around the corner. Can’t wait!

I would say it is harder on the trainer.

For me in real-world a metric century is pretty much a weekly occurence (well it was until I fractured my hip 7 weeks ago).

The difference on the trainer is that you never get any rest. No freewheeling around corners, no coasting down hills.

There isn’t an easy mile on the trainer, which is what makes it great - but hard - training.