Thanksgiving Weekend Metric Century Challenge!


Next week is the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Many people will have a nice 4 day holiday weekend. With the weather getting nasty around the country it seems a good time to throw down a serious indoor cycling challenge!

Let’s see how many people can do a metric century in one ride on Zwift Island during this time. That’s one ride of 100k or 62 miles.

Yes, I know that’s roughly 3+ hours on the trainer but riding on Zwift makes it fun and far more pleasant. The time will just fly past! I’ve already done two rides over 50 miles…piece-o-cake! Speaking of cake, you’re gonna need a long ride to burn off all those Thanksgiving calories so the timing is perfect!

Want to make it a real challenge? Let’s see who can do the 100k the fastest. Post your time here. We’ll be on the honor system. Winner gets bragging rights!

To participate, do your 100k ride anytime between Wednesday November 26th and Sunday November 30th. Post your results here. If you’re a Strava user include a link to your ride.

So who’s in?


I’ll give it a go. Probably on the weekend as no holdiay up here in the Great White North.

Projected high of 34degrees here in the Washington, DC area for Friday so I’m going to try to get my metric in then. Planning on roughly 9a-12p but may get roped into some Black Friday shopping with my kids.

Hope to see some others complete this challenge!

Sorry gents, I’m running a marathon on Sunday. I’ll be traveling on Christmas, so I’ll be down for a New Year’s century.

My ride started off great, and all of the on screen challenges/messages had me pushing myself and my heart racing. I had to dial things back to make sure I could go the distance. Around 45 miles in, I was getting tired. At 52 miles I new the end was in sight, but I had to dial it back even more and spin in an easy gear. I was looking for a “goal achieved” at mile 62.1, but nothing popped up. I though maybe it was rounded up to 63 miles, but again no popup. I watch the distance progress bar slowly creep to the right, and when it reached the end something about a Deep V ride popped up, so I stopped. I am not sure what it said because I was so exhaust and just wanted to get off the bike. I went to upload the fit file for analyze, but the darn thing was corrupt!

Long, but fun challenge. Make sure you pace yourself. My bike computer put the ride distance at 56.8miles. You can view the full report here:

Steve - not sure if it will work but I have repaired many corrupt .fit files using this site:

There is no notification of completing the metric challenge. It’s just for fun and not “officially” supported by Zwift.

Next time you login, check your customizations screen. You should see your Deep V wheels as a new unlocked item in your customizations list. You may have to scroll down the list a bit under WHEELS.

@Greg Gibson, thanks for the link. I tried that site, and another without success :frowning:

Thank you for clarifying the Deep V wheel achievement.

It’s Game On Zwifters!


Rode my metric century today! Time was 2:58:31.

Here’s my proof!

When I went up upload my .fit file to Strava, like Steve I got an error message that the file contained corrupt time data. I have opened a ticket with Zwift Support and hopefully they can figure out what’s up.

I cracked at 52 miles in, PR on my green and orange sprint though haha. Those things make me so competitive haha. Maybe Ill try again tomorrow.

Chris you threw down some pretty good times on those sprints. I tried not to get roped into the sprinting so I could keep my Metric progress steady…although I did hit the KOM pretty hard a couple of times.

Just a question on the century distance… I did the 100km in just a hair over 2 hr 58 or so… My 100km (computrainer) didn’t end til 20 laps plus another trip over the KOM and a few 100 meters of downhill… I thought one lap was 5KM for now? I know a computrainer in real life isn’t your “actual” real world speed… Just curious where everyone else ended their 100km ride?

Challenge completed, 3:31:00.
Same issue as the others though, corrupt .fit file. A tad anti-climactic…

@ChrisAshley - I ended just past the KOM banner. I was wondering the same thing.

You did a nice ride. Enjoyed riding with you briefly today.


Thanks Greg… the KOMs and sprints were so tempting to go for but I just figured NOPE don’t do it!! LOL

Just FYI, I was able to repair my .fit file. If anyone want’s to email me their file I can probably fix it. It’s an easy fix. I have .fit File Repair Tool and it takes a couple of minutes to do.

greg at greg gibson dot com

Chris Ashley - did you upload your ride to Strava? Just curious if you saw the same corrupt file issue the rest of us did.

Greg - Didn’t try actually… I will try later and see what happens… Im just in the progress of some bike mntnce… need to send the SRM down to Colorado for its annual battery swap…

Greg was able to trim out the corrupt data, and I uploaded the abbreviated file to a free Strava account setup for just my Zwift rides.

I’m actually not “trimming” any data. The repair tool just corrects the time stamps so all the data is there. I found that Strava abbreviated my ride a bit as well. My guess is that if you upload this to TrainingPeaks or Golden Cheetah it will show the correct distance and time.

What I am wondering is if these time stamp issues are somehow related to GPS data getting out of whack. I don’t know that the GPS data is out of whack, but I did read online that bad time stamp data can result from inaccurate GPS info.

I took the file Greg fixed for me, and then uploaded it to Garmin connect. From Gramin I exported it as a .tcx file that I then uploaded to Strava for the most accurate result seen here:

I had to delete the other less accurate ride first because Strava does not allow duplicate rides, so the link in my last post is no longer valid.

What a crazy way to spend a morning!