Valentine's Day Century Ride

A group of us will be doing a Valentine’s Day Century Ride this Saturday (Feb 14th) starting at 7am. We will be meeting at the ‘Just Ride’ location and leaving at 7 sharp. Estimated to take 5 hours to complete. Feel free to join for all or part of it.

Just a tip for future posts, it really helps if you put a time zone. People playing Zwift live all over the world in many different time zones.

Sorry, forgot to add that - meeting at 7am EST. Most of us have been in the habit of wearing the Yellow and Black Jerseys so we are easily identifiable.

What a romantic bunch :slight_smile:

On the time zones, we could all adopt the time zone of Jarvis Island. And put a clock over the archway at the start/finish zone.

How can i explain to my wife i will be riding 5 hrs on my bike on the most romantic day of the year when she will be expecting me to be riding her for 5 hrs? Lol…Sounds like a good idea i will try and be there…if she will let me…

Valentine’s Day 5 hour stationary-bike ride…?

I would hate to face any of you in a race, because you have no life outside of riding. :wink:

Ooh, sorry. I have a date with my tri bike and running shoes that day. It’s a nice little threesome we have every Saturday. I think a fourth partner, horrible cross winds, may join in the party, too. Have fun.