Zwift causing dropouts with KICKR paired to TrainerRoad

I run TrainerRoad alongside Zwift on a Windows 10 PC. The 2020 KICKR is paired as the controllable trainer ONLY in TrainerRoad (via ANT+). My Favero Assioma pedals and Garmin HRM are paired (also via ANT+) in both programs. Each time I start Zwift, the program finds and automatically connects to the KICKR which effectively ‘steals’ that connection from TrainerRoad. I click to ‘unpair’ it from the Controllable Trainer and begin my ride. During the workout, I get frequent (10-15 per hour) dropouts that result in momentary loss of resistance or sharp spikes in resistance. When I run either program by itself, I don’t see these dropouts. This issue started suddenly after a program update on approximately 2/6. Prior to that everything was rock solid. So far I’ve tried deleting the user data files, uninstalling/reinstalling both programs, starting one program first vs the other, etc. all with no effect.

I firmly believe this is due to Zwift ‘stealing’ the connection to the KICKR from TR. With my previous model KICKR, when I started Zwift it would ‘remember’ which devices were connected when I closed the program the last time. Now, no matter how many times I unpair the controllable trainer, it continues to try and connect to it. I assume this has something to do with FE-C on the new model, but not sure.

Any help or similar experiences appreciated.