Zwift campanion offers no maps out of Watopia in Meet-up

Hello, I’d like to report a bug on Zwift campanion version 3.17.0 (1051) on iphone. This is the latest version I could get from app store (China). After the update of this version, the Meet-up offers no maps out of Watopia. I thought this was my own issue with my iphone, but I then heard my friend had the same issue.

Could you please look into this issue?

Interesting, I am on the same ZCA version in the US and did a meetup last night (September 13) in NYC and the map was working.

Maybe a one time thing? Have you tried another meetup since you first noticed it?

Thank you for sharing that you have the same version - so I believe we are on the latest version.

It’s not a one time thing. When we create Meet-up, in the column of maps, there is nothing pops up (blank), which means Watopia is the default option, and if we click to choose the map, the list of option is blank.

Hmmm… have you tried deleting ZCA and downloading it again to your phone? Maybe something got messed up. I just went in right now and when I click the drop down arrow on maps in the iOS version it is showing them all:

I haven’t re-installed it however not only me but my friend’s two iphones and the other user in China also have the same issue after updating this version. We never had the similar issue before, and we all thought it was the issue of our own device, until we check on each other as we can’t meet-up in other maps.

I heard an update from my friend. This feature is blocked by the firewall of China. Once he turns on VPN he can see the options.

I wonder if Zwift could look at this - why this doesn’t require VPN before but now this happens.