Zwift bugging when working out during a TDZ Stage

(James Kyle) #1

Hi wanted to do a workout tonight but after 20mins of 1 hour workout the software started to lag and time slowed down so that my hour was recorded as c.40 minutes. The screen jumped every 3 seconds to a new frame and there was what i can only describe as carnage on the roads with bikes and cyclists all over the ground. Very buggy. The training periods did follow 3 mins and 4 mins so i kept going but was unable to save ride at end as save and exit did not respond.

Feedback - maybe allow users who just want to workout to go to another world whilst TDZ is on

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

World selection is coming, but in the meantime you can use the World Hack:

(Michael Shannon) #3

Happened to me on the tour as well. Gave up on stage 3 and will be using world selection myself to avoid TDZ.
Pretty poor from Zwift

(Sam Kessler) #4

Stage 3 at 14:00 EST on 1/8/19. Right after the start, iPad app crashed. 10 Miles in, I found myself riding among rider-less bikes. Was cool for a second, then iPad app crashed again, only this time, app was unable to resume my ride, so I started at 0.0mi ridden even though at same point relative to finish line.

Would be great (if possible and better) to start these stages at 15 or 30 minute intervals (instead of 2 hr). If this is done, perhaps, the servers would not have to handle as many people riding at once.Of note, companion app showed 12944 zwifters online at the start of this stage.

(Thelma Viaduct) #5

Same with my workout, got ruined and would not save tonight when loads of TDZ choppers tipped up. Will be selecting another world in future.

(Larry Bowe) #6

I thought i was the only one experiencing this yesterday. What a waste of time. Power dropped whenever a large group formed even when they were going in the opposite direction! Gave up after 20k too frustrating. I am not entering any more TdZ rides until this is cleared up. By the by there were over 4,000 registered on that ride. Is anyone listening at Zwift to these problems?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #7

This can be a sign that your graphics card is not keeping up, you could try to lower your graphic settings. Drop your log file from yesterdays ride in and look at your framerate if it dropped to below 5 FPS then you know it is a graphic problem.

Many riders on the screen is a huge burden on the GPU.

(Eric Arnold5774) #8

My tour is sadly over due to huge bug. Thru stages 1&2 doing great then start 3 and despite pushing out a steady 320 watts I keep falling in the standing, screen not frozen but might as well have been though I am getting watt, speed and distance data which all are telling me I’m crushing it but back and back I fall until I reach 3500 position. If I’d not quit in frustration I would ha ended dead last. As last night was my only shot at stage 3 and I was already going to have to make up a stage due to travel I’m done with this years tour. Disappointing after being in the top 500 on Zwift power thru stage 2.

(Eric Arnold5774) #9

Before I get graphics cards suggestions it’s on Apple TV. Agree with comments above. I hadn’t raced on Zwift for at least half a year and won’t be doing it again any time soon. It’s discouragibg enough with all the 48 year olds riding 5.1 w/lg despite have a paunch and no discernible muscle tone in their profile photos. I get, ride your own numbers but when Zwift tech won’t even allow you the pleasure of riding your own race that’s when I just give up on it all together. They can keep their tour kit.

(Pitch Blank) #10

LAG and even more Laggs