TDZ realtime v gametime

(Michael Shannon) #1

So I’m on my bike in stage 3.

10 seconds game time let’s call it = 45 seconds of real time. I mean come on. What is that about. I am not going to be able to repeat the stage but need to cycle for 5 hrs to compete a 90 minute ride to qualify?

Anyone else with similar issues

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

what do you mean with game time and game time.

(Michael Shannon) #3

Game time as in the timer on the computer says I’ve ridden for 35 mins when in fact I’ve been riding an hour.

(Michael Shannon) #4

And now for example, 6 minutes after my previous post. Zwift in game says my ride has lasted 37 mins 45 seconds

(David Nolan) #5

I have had the same problem had to abandon stage 2 and 3 don’t think I’ll be doing anymore stages

(Michael Shannon) #6

I also abandoned stage 3. Shame cos it looked like an exciting community event.
Let’s hope the new training plans go better than TDZ as I’ve not tried those yet.

(James Mc Guire) #7

I was about to post a topic on this exact same thing.

For stage 3 there were 4,900 participants at the 7pm GMT session. I cycled for 30 minutes and the ET timer was at approximately 9 minutes and 30 seconds, it recorded only 5.4km in that time. I was getting around 1 frame per second in the game, and even exiting the ride took about 5 solid minutes as the interface was completely unresponsive. Meanwhile, my laptop was generally fine, and responsive, just the zwift application which seemed to have an issue.

I actually missed the first stage, so I already have 1 catch up day to commit to, and now this issue on the third stage.

I’m contacting support about this, it’s very disappointing. This is my second week of Zwift, and my first week as a subscriber, the TDZ was a big motivator for me to subscribe but it’s absolutely unusable for me.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #8

James this is usually caused by the graphics card in your Laptop not keeping up.

(Michael Shannon) #9

Mine was the same but I have no issues running zwift normally. In fact I recently factory reset my PC so it’s never been running better. Sounds like there were a fair few people this had happened to as well.
I think Zwift should extend the catch up period at the end… and start the events every hour… Probably not gonna happen but worth a try lol

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(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #10

@Michael_Shannon: Just riding on a normal day use less graphics power than when there are a few hundred riders on the screen.