Zwift aspect ratio experiment

If anyone is interested I have been doing some testing/experimenting with different aspect ratios & multi display setups, as I am contemplating buying three 4K TVs and setting them up side by side, so I can see more of the surrounding scenery.


Although it’s an extreme set up, the aspect ratio of 80:9 (5 TVs side by side) cannot seem to be correctly rendered by Zwift, the left and right most TVs of a 5 TV setup are rendered with a grey tinge, as seen in the picture.


A 48:9 aspect ratio (3 TVs side by side) renders almost perfectly, with only a small grey tinge on the very left and right side of the image, which is completely cover by the Zwift data screens, so it’s almost unnoticeable. The Rider tags showing riders that are close behind you also seemed a bit over stretched.


I think the sweet spot for a 3rd person view is 32:9 (Ultrawide), but unfortunately there are no TV’s that are 32:9, and computer monitors are just too small.


I would like to see Zwift update with a first-person view looking over the handle bars, as I think a 48:9 (3 TVs side by side) would look the best with a first person view.


this is rad!

fwiw, hit 3 on your keyboard to go into 1st person view.