Zwift HUD changed?


I am displaying Zwift on an LG 29" superwide PC monitor, which until an update earlier this week worked fine.

Now when I start Zwift, the HUD is not positioned correctly on the screen.  The rider list on the right and the KOM list etc on the left are no longer positioned at the edge of the display, they are positioned much further in towards the middle.

Its’ like Zwift knows I am running a 16:9 display and the game is being displayed in 16:9, but the HUD seems to be configured for a 4:3 display?

I haven’t changed my display settings hence why I think it might be related to the last update.

Is anyone else seeing this behaviour?

Previously Zwift wouldn’t work properly on a 21:9 monitor they view you’d get would be stretched to fit the screen so you get fat bodies oval circles etc (many people say ‘this is fine’ it’s not)

There have been changes to enable proper display on 21:9 screens so the world is now displayed in the correct ratio for the screen, the consequence is that the HUD is pulled in slightly - what you saw previously was the sides chopped off and stretched.

It’s a first pass at supporting wider screens - I’m sure future iterations will allow the HUD to be positioned at the edges.

BTW is it the LG29UM68? I’m thinking of getting one because of this recent change.

Thanks for your reply Mark, I did raise a ticket with Zwift and they have confirmed that the formatting of the UI is goi g to be fixed, but didn’t give an ETA unfortunately.


I think I am using the now discontinued version UM58. But the model you mention above I would assume is the newer version.


I was given the monitor by a friend after they upgraded, if I were buying one now I would make sure it supported a higher resolution (mine is max 1080p)


Other than that it is more than adequate for Zwift.