21:9 Widescreen

Please give option for widescreen monitors.  Editing the config files no longer work as a workaround.

Any news on this ?

For us folks with gaming PCs and beautiful 21:9 curved screens it would be a treat.

Modern games do support this ratio and I think it would be nice if Zwift did too.


can’t believe this has not been fixed yet. makes using zwift with a widescreen monitor really not very enjoyable.

I have a 21:9 ultra widescreen 3440x1440.  Zwift finally “works” at this aspect ratio if i put zwift resolution at 4K.  By “works” I mean the graphics aren’t stretched and ugly.  The existing problem is that the charts showing the map, recent records, rider names, etc aren’t at the far edge of screen where you would expect; rather, they are near the middle of the screen.

Zwift please help!

They are going to fix it with the next update: