Support for 21:9 aspect ratio monitors

I have a 21:9 aspect ratio monitor with a resolution of 3440x1440.

I currently tweak Zwift to ‘support’ it by changing the values in the ‘prefs.xml’ file.

Are there any plans to officially support these monitors?

I am curious as to what tweaks you are doing.  I have a monitor with the same resolution and am trying to get everything to work.

I’m in similar position but haven’t pulled the trigger on the hardware. I have the supporting hardware to do it (GTX 1070) but haven’t gone for the monitor in my riding setup for same reason. Would be very interested to know what you were able to do to take advantage of it. A 34 inch curved 3440X1440 seems like an ideal Zwifting setup

I have manually edited the pref.xml file with 3440x1440 that seems to work but its not native, it’s stretched from 2560x1440.

Would be great to get this support. The immersion on this monitor is amazing, combining with cycling on my trainer this would be a great feature.