4:3 screen fix

Ive hooked up an old 19" flat screen monitor to my PC. it works really well except the old screen is a 4:3 ratio. Zwift is able to go full screen and the avatars etc in are fine however the icons are stretched vertically. which isnt good for my OCD.

Im guessing as there is no option in the menu to change to 4:3 i cant do it?

Hi Paul,

If you’re using an older 4:3 aspect ratio monitor, Zwift will do it’s best to fit everything on your screen, but the elongated/stretched icons is how Zwift’s going to look if you’re maximizing your Window. You can try full screen mode from the settings, but I suspect it will appear similarly due to the 4:3 ratio.

Since most newer TVs/monitors appear with the wider screen aspect ratios, Zwift is optimized for those types of screens. You may be more satisfied with the graphical display if you’re using a screen with a wider aspect ratio.