Zwift app fails to update on Windows

As a relatively new member and someone looking forward to getting on the bike, Ive had constant issues with the app since I started paying for it last month.

I run on a Windows 10 machine.

First update - constant java failure issues
Second update - Just wont patch and closes app

Yes Ive completely uninstalled, cleared browser cache for the past month and rebooted, all to no avail.

This is the latest error message

“Update Failed during patching. Error code: Z112 at Line 602 in Patcher.cpp”

Anyone know how to fix it?

Otherwise ill cancel and move to another app as this is expensive to not use.


Hi @Darren_Lynn welcome to Zwift forums.

Our Support Hub has an article with some possible causes for Z112 errrors.

An addtional thing you can try:
First - search for “Zwift” in Windows Explorer
Uninstall (again).
Delete all folders and files that come up in that search. This step wipes everything Zwift-related that may have remained during the uninstall.
Then reinstall.

Let us know if any of the things in the support article helped?

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